Guild Roster


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I'm not sure I've been in the guild long enough but I was checking out our website and noticed, hmm...shouldn't I be on the roster?!?


Guess I need more time in-game. Or more time on a single character.

Update: I finally capped Leirvik with my scout "Laeppa" and leveled out (now 46). I found that being 46 in rvr is quite awesome...I can see lvl 50 asassins and can shoot them before they see me, often :) Anywho, just bragging. I am going to be playing my scout more since he is of rvr age now. Got a nice glowy harpoon and a nice glowy shield (although, the shield looks more like a teardrop-shaped supper plate, too bad it's not dyable).

I wish there were more than just me online in-game to hunt Mids/Hibs with...



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;) ROsters wrong and ancient. When I get my access from home I'll strat making changes! so I will make another mental note it clean it. Thanks