Guild Vs Guild

Guild verse Guilding?

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Ok, this POLL is for JCHCers only, but anyone interested can post! This is just so we can get a idea of who is willing to start gvging once a week or so, and because we just found out we have forum space, I know this will be a slow start, but lets see how it works out.
*chirp chirp*

Are those crickets I hear?

Well, let us know if you DO start up some GvG. We might have a few willing to help fill gaps in the teams.
Iam up for GvG also.

Let me know when and where to meet.

Just tell me what you need and if you got build allready i think i can run it.I dont have exp in gvg so its good to learn.

Thanks and God bless.:)
i think this is done and over with, this place has been dead for a while... tsk tsk
ya i like the people in JCHC, and there is almost one on. but it would be cool if they would post on here too. a lot of the stronger bonds are made here.
maybe she broke both hands and had to type with the only toe that wasn't broken?

(yeah her toes were bit by a mountain gorilla that respawned right in her living room)