Guitar players?

Yeah, aside from work and some gaming, Ill either be playing one of my guitars or keyboards. Most I do outside of having it has a hobby is playing in my church band on Sunday mornings and at some different events on occasion, lol.
Used to play the guitar alot.. was great at metal solos... but havent touched one in a good year now...
How hard is it to learn? I've always wanted to play the guitar.

Jim Croce is the best
Croce, great ragtime/jazz/blues/folk artist ;]. I first cut my teeth on guys like him, thanks to my dad. But yes, I play guitar, have for about...oh...8 years now? I'm completely self-taught, aside from whatever music theory books I read...

how "hard" it is really depends on your level of dedication and how much you're willing to put into it..Just like everything else in life!

Love your guitar, it'll love you back

::strokes his Martin and baby talks it:: Aboo boo boo, yes you're the prettiest guitar, nukka nukka.

It's not 'hard' per se, just takes time and patience to learn it well. I started teaching myself how about 8-9 years ago, but basic things like music theory and notation that most people have to learn in addition to the actual guitar playing, Ive been learning my whole life, lol, so it'll depend on the person how long it takes to learn.

As for myself, Ive got two guitars I play, a 1979 Ovation Matrix, and a 1981 Peavy T-60, two of the best guitars ive ever played
Ive been playing for 4 years and I have a les paul epiphone.
IM concentrating on the art of shredding right now, and im not sure if its worth it to learn sheet music or notation to play what i want to play. at least not right now.

Fun song to learn of the day: Money for nothing (Dire STraits)
For shredding, I'll use an Ibanez, thx. I'm actually saving up for a little beauty an older friend of mine is selling for a decent price. Saving up for this 72' Strat that's in MINT condition. Cherry red with a black stripe in the shape of vines that go from the anterior to the posterior of the guitar. Solid sounding guitar. As a matter of fact, that's one reason I prefer Fenders, simply because they feel more /solid/. With Les Pauls, I feel like i'm gonna break the thing if I bend too hard o,o. Can anyone else relate?

Well thats not the guitar I use to shred. I use my hondo knockoff that my dad got for cheap at a garage sale. its got a few buzzes but its got size 10 strings so they wont break and its good for hammer ons and pull offs. not good for bending tho heh.