Hack Summit 2023

Krissa Lox

Active Member

Virtual conference for software developers on March 31 and April 1.

This year's theme is Blockchain Development, "featuring the pioneers in our industry and supporting good causes."

Full list of speakers can be viewed at the link above to see if it might be of interest to you.

Even for those who aren't professional developers, it can be interesting to see perspectives from inside the industry beyond just what happens to be covered by mainstream news.

Previous summits have archived recordings also linked on that webpage if you're unfamiliar with them and want to get a feel for what they're about.

Benefits of registration include:
  • Watch from the comfort of your home
  • Vote to democratize the best speaker questions
  • Chat in realtime with audience members
  • All sessions will be recorded and made available to you
Overall goals are to:
  • To educate programmers of all languages and skill-sets
  • To raise money for coding nonprofits
  • To encourage mentorship among software developers
I've attended most of their previous ones, and will be participating in this one as well, but probably not in realtime interaction. While realtime is probably the best experience if possible, they do a good job of accommodating asynchronous needs.