I've been part of the site for several months now, having joined LoE in GW2 and recently the SWTOR guilds on Begeron Colony. Needless to say, I tend to shift between games a bit, typically sticking to a few favorites.

Anyways, I also have played WoW since launch (on and off). The recent announcements of WoD has interested me. I know its a bit of a ways off, but I can definitely see myself joining this at launch (first time I have done that since Wrath). My original guild and gaming community has all but dissolved as everyone has headed off to more populated guilds or different games. The biggest thing that I miss in WoW is community. I have really enjoyed playing alongside many of the folks here and would like to continue to keep my gaming ties with this bunch regardless of which game I play.

I want to know how active The Forgiven are currently. As much as I would love to tie all my games together with the same community, I do like to see people on when I play and be able to chat and possibly run things. I also have a friend who tried to bring me along over to play with some friends on Echo Isles, so I'm wanting to consider my options.

I'm probably not looking to resub until the new year (never know with me) as I don't want to burn out before all the new stuff comes in. Ideally, I will rejoin WoW with the new expansion and reroll wherever I may land.
This has been sitting here for a while, so I figured I should pop in and say, yes, TF is very active, unless something catastrophic has happened.

I'm also (tentatively) planning to come back for WoD.
Hope to see you there. I managed to catch up with a few of the officers a week or so back and got invited in. Good bunch and pretty active.
Glad to have you around!! Due to issues with my phone and then battlenet being down for a couple of days I haven't actually logged on for about 2 weeks but now my issues have been resolved and I'll be back on
Looking forward to getting to know more of you. I moved my pally over and now have a well-geared and a fresh 90 rolling on Terenas. If anyone needs a hand with anything I'm game, shoot me a tell.

Need help with an old raid? I've soloe'd through everything up to Wrath (still working on ICC) and can help you get that transmog piece you are looking for.

Want a teammate for a scenario (heroic or normal)? I'm up for it.

I have enchanting and Jewelcrafting maxxed on my pally. My Enchanting included just about every recipe. Jewelcrafting I have lots but not all of the current content cuts. Felsong has inscription as well and is getting closer to all of the recipes by the day. If you need something, check my recipes on Bastion or Felsong in the guild interface and let me know. I usually have enough mats to fire off a few items. I might need mats for some though.

I'm a big achievement junkie and can help folks get what they are missing.

Big thanks to the group that helped me take out the Horde guy in Krasarang last night for my legendary quest. I had a nice LFR-a-thon in the evening and am 4/20 on my Secrets of the Empire. I got a new hat and mace for my troubles too.