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The following Tribe of Judah staff positions are currently available:

Administrative Positions
  • Web Team Development Manager
    Manage and update the main Tride of Judah website. Be skilled in website coding and associated programs. Organise a web team to maintain the main site and the chapter individual websites. Liase with ToJ President to progress the website forward. Attend Tribe of Judah staff meetings.​
  • Web Team Member
    Work under the development manager to maintain and update the main Tribe of Judah website. Take responsibility for one of the chapter websites. Organise ideas and resources to develop the main site and to intoduce new features.​
  • Graphic Designer
    Design graphics for Tribe of Judah web site and other projects. Report to Lead Web Developer.​
  • Fundraising Manager
    Manage Tribe of Judah fundraising efforts, develop and distribute materials promoting Tribe of Judah efforts to acquire and maintain a dedicated server, collaborate with Accounts Manager to post updates on progress of fundraising efforts, correspond with and answer questions from donors and members interested in donating.​
  • Lead Recruiter
    Oversee all Tribe of Judah recruiting efforts. Coordinate with chapter and section recruiters to recruit new Tribe of Judah members. Coordinate with Ambassador Team Lead and Ambassador Team Members to ensure that all new Tribe of Judah members receive a personal greeting.​
  • Newsletter Chief Editor
    Write articles for upcoming Tribe of Judah Newsletter, coordinate with Chapter Leaders and Section Leaders to compile content for Newsletter, edit content submitted by Chapter Leaders and Section Leaders, coordinate with President and Staff Manager to write broadcast e-mails to all Tribe of Judah members, write and edit other communication as requested by President and Staff Manager, evaluate internal communication and suggest improvements to President.​
  • Online Store Manager
    Maintain the Tribe of Judah online store. research new products and advertise exsting ones.​

Inactive Chapters Requiring Leaders

Leader Requirements- Chapter Leader must own at least a copy of the game or console. Develop chapter web site or delegate web site development to a Chapter Web Developer. Delegate and organise recruiting of people into the chapter from inside ToJ and externally. Write and post Chapter Reports monthly in Tribe of Judah Staff Forum. Attend Tribe of Judah staff meetings or appoint delegate to represent chapter at meetings. Resolve internal conflicts or request assistance from Internal or External Conflict Mediator.
  • Wii Chapter

Section Leader Positions

Asking questions about staff positions

If you have questions about staff positions, please post them in this thread or e-mail them to Rizz.

Applying for staff positions

If you would like to volunteer for a staff position, please send an e-mail to Rizz with the position for which you're volunteering, your handle as listed on the Tribe of Judah roster, and a brief description of yourself and your skills.
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