Heroes of the Storm!


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So I recently started playing my first MOBA, Heroes of the Storm, which is blizzard's entry into the market. I must say, it's quite a bit of fun! Currently the only way to play the "closed beta" is to pay $40 which gets you some gold and starter stuff, as well as the aforementioned ability to play.

If you're looking for something new to try, it's quite a bit of fun and I recommend it! I'd love to get some group play going if anyone else is playing!
My internet is too unreliable to play competitively right now, but I do enjoy the game. My tag is in my sig.
I'm in the alpha, but it's just not feasible for me to block off that much uninterrupted time for a single game (not counting the setup, meeting on TeamSpeak, patching, coordinating, etc.) with two young children, one of them 3 months old.

Maybe when things settle down a bit, I can hop in with you guys and see if the game is worthy of the hype. :D

EDIT: I think my BattleTag is in my sig, but I have signatures disabled on this account, sooo~ I dunno.