hey malohaut

Zero Hotz

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how come u quit star wars galaxies u coul dhave become a jedi man there was a guy 2 weeks ago who became a jedi u should play agian yes your acount is stil there cuz everyones name is kept in the game! also my name is Osskaz obic I go to the galaxy lowca also I'm a CH and scout marskmen and medic I'm novice in the CH but have all pistol in the marskmen and have nothing in medic and u know what I ahve in scout I guessI only became scout so I could be a CH!! but if I drop the scout will I not be a CH? cuz I wanna drop the scout well maybe not I ahve to think about it! nalso animals r now ride able dewbacks kaadu brackset bol carrion spat all of them yu can ride but u have to train them in mounts