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Preist healing calculator

I stumbled upon this application for holy - healing (vs dps) priests. You do not have to be connected to or running WoW for it to work. It will download your information from the armory but there is a big Caveat: Log out in your healing gear and secondly, gems and enchants not normally used in healing will cause an import error which you can simply OK through.

Once you import your armory information, you can use the item wizard to download new items, equip gems (if applicaple) add enchants (if applicable) and immediatly equip it in the program to see the effect on your toon. Remember, this is healing only, meaning, the only enchants \ gems available would be enchants \ gems healers \ mana users would normally look for.

Some of the information it will tell you is:
- How much you can expect your heals to land for
- How much your renew will tick for
- If you were to cast until out of mana over a period of X seconds, how much your Greater heals would heal for over that period of time, or flash heals, or renews.
- Given your regeneration over a period of time, how large your effective mana pool actually is. I bet you all thought your mana pool was only 10k. Over a 10 minute fight, you can turn that mana over 4 to 6 times, not including mana potions or shadowfiend.

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