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Dark Virtue

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There aren't many games that truly disturb me.

Doom, GTA, et al, I have no problems with.

But every now and then you come across a game that has absolutely nothing to offer.

I know it's been out for a while, but I just rented MANHUNT, by Rockstar Games.

Geez louise, this game is horrible. The ENTIRE point of this game is to kill "hunters" in the most atrocious manner possible. Decapitations with wire, machetes, etc are not only acceptable, but ENCOURAGED.

The language is equally bad and serves no purpose whatsoever.

This game is just pure crap, and coming from me, that means something

Anyone else have a similar game to share?
I really disliked Hunter: the Reckoning.

Basically the same ol' zombie game in the lines of Resident Evil, except really, really dumb.

...somehow my friends enjoyed it though. I went to bed, and they were still playing it by the time I got up that morning.
Manhunt is sick, I agree.

But whats' the deal with GTA?

To me at least, it is incredibly boring. All you do is go out, nick a car and do missions for gangsters which are almost always along the lines of 'Kill, steal, KKND'.

It would have been better if you could organise gang raids and stuff. Actually take part in the higher scheme of things. Even Vice City tried to punctuate the tedium with buying property, and all that does is provide even more boring missions, money or save points.

I liked the first GTA no end. If San Andreas is good when I hire it (Which I will when it comes out) I might buy it.
Doom3...that was just annoying.

Diablo 2 has a bunch of pentagrams in it (though it is incredibly addictive). I tend to stay away from games that look disturbing like manhunt.
What is wrong with pentagrams... they are a geometrical shape...

Anyway, the Game Crusades :Kingdom under fire I belive that even DV will be disguisted by... You kill alot of humans and creatures in the name of God... and there is a species of dark elves that are 90% naked no% of the time and the plain tree elves dont cover their breasts at all... and everyone says alot of curses.

More info in this piece o crap = http://www.kuftc.com/

Ge ahead and look at the "art" section if you dare.
I was incorrect... murdering nude females in the name of god does not disguist you. forgive me for making that assumption.
Ultima 9, although fun but the way to make magic was an occult ritual, very uneasy withthis title, infact it got me to start CCGR
[b said:
Quote[/b] (ByblosHex @ Oct. 19 2004,9:17)]I was incorrect... murdering nude females in the name of god does not disguist you. forgive me for making that assumption.
1. It's a game.

2. They're not nude.

3. Worse things have been done in history in the name of God.
Wow, that game has some cool graphics for xbox! And BTW pentagrams are satanic. If you don't believe me then why don't you go ask your local satanist, or heck, why don't you just ask your local pastor!
OH Byblos, you're a riot

Just so you know, Dark Virtue is from the Tao Te Ching.

Open your mind and learn...

Can you hold fast your crescent soul and not let it wander
can you make your breath as soft as a baby's
can you wipe your Dark Mirror free of dust
can you serve and govern without effort
can you be the female at Heaven's Gate
can you light up the world without knowledge
beget things and keep them
but beget without possessing
keep without controlling
this is Dark Virtue
lol yeah open my mind and learn some oriental nonses... yep I must be closed minded because I dont know everything... lol

How can that be Dark Virtue anyway? It makes no sense....