How are things in the Knights these days?


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I was curious how things are going. A few of us are playing on Freeport now and I was wondering if you guys have toons there or not.

What do you guys think about the 7-year vet reward? I thought it looks fantastic personally, I am jealous.


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Doing well :) The Guild Hit level 60 on Live Server. We started a sister guild on Freeport server Guild name is the same. Very few of us are playing on it. We wanted to let the Free to play people know we have a Guild On live server if they decide to go to the pay to play servers.

Put me on your friends list I play Arel or Meekness usually play around 6am-7am cst.

I get my 7 year vet reward in 35 days. I really like Halaas housing. I tested the new add ons to houses (outdoor deck) which very nice. Ill have to take tour and see if i want to move.


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Hey Proverbs decided to come back to eq 2 since I heard they have a f2p server . No guarantee I will come back to live yet . Can't really afford it right now but perhaps in the new year I iwll xfer my toons over to vox I also heard there will be server merges soon .