Hunter - Mists of Pandaria Talent Calculator Feb 16th Update Changes on MMO.


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Hey all,

So please note that these of course are subjected to change at Blizzard's disgression, but I wanted to get the info out. I saw this, interesting changes for hunters:

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*NEW* Glaive Toss - You hurl two glaives in front of you 30 yards, dealing 1,X damage to all enemies and reducing their movement speed by 50%. The Glaives will return back to you, also dealing damage and snaring targets they hit. If Glaive Toss hits at least 2 enemies in both directions, the cooldown is reset.

Arcane Arrows - Now replaced with Powershot.

*NEW* Powershot -You wind up a powerful shot, dealing 1,X damage to all targets in front of you within 20 yards (width). The damage done is increased on targets further away: 15-30 yards: Double damage, Stunned 1 sec. 30-50 yards: Tripple damage, Stunned 2 sec.

Venom Tipped Arrows - Now replaced with Binding Shot.

*NEW* Binding Shot - You fire a magical projectile, tethering the enemy and any other enemies within 10 yards to the landing arrow. Increases all damage they recieve from you by 15%. If they move 15 yards from the arrow they are stunned for 10 sec (5 sec PvP). (30 yd range, Costs 20 focus, Instant)


Arcane Shot - Now causes 50% (down from 100%) of weapon damage plus 150 (down from 327) as Arcane damage.

Steady Shot - Now causes 50% (down from 100%) of weapon damage plus 145 (down from 316).

*NEW* Disengage - You attempt to disengage from combat, leaping backwards. Can only be used while in combat. Required level 14. (50,000 yd range, 25 sec cooldown, Instant cast)

Multi-shot - Now hits targets for 60% (down from 120%) of weapon damage.

Kill Shot - Now deals 75% (down from 150%) weapon damage plus 421 (down from 921).

Deterrance - When activated, now causes you to deflect melee attacks, ranged attacks, and spells, and reduces all damage taken by 30%. While Deterrence is active, you cannot attack. Lasts 5 sec.

Camouflage - Can now be cast while in combat. Lasts for 6 sec if cast in combat, otherwise, lasts for 1 min.


Aimed Shot - Now deals 80% (down from 164%) ranged weapon damage plus 641 (down from 1438).

Trueshot Aura - Now increases melee attack power by 10% (down from 20%) and ranged attack power by 10%.


Black Arrow - Now fires a Black Arrow at the target, dealing 1,051% Weapon damage as Shadow damage to the enemy target. In addition, Black Arrow deals 4,204 damage over 20 sec to the target and any other enemy within the path of the Black Arrow when fired. (40 yd range, Costs 40 focus, No cooldown, Instant cast)

Lock and Load - You now have a 100% chance when you trap a target with Freezing Trap or Ice Trap to cause your next Explosive Shot to cost no Focus, trigger no cooldown and deal double damage. Effect lasts for 12 sec.


I hope they post something for Beast Master Hunters. :)

I am not impressed with these changes. If they go live with this, I will be changing my main. They might as well give them an apron and have them serve tea in raids. Oh wait, that is the mage's job.
Couple of things to point out: it's been 4 months, and the class balancing didn't start "for real" until a month ago.

Also, I love the idea of this thread. I think I may start up class discussions on the rest of the classes. We're getting close to 5.01. Very close.