I found a way to reduce lag

Zero Hotz

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well playing star wars galaxies with lag is the most annoying thing on earth so I got fed up with it I rebooted my pc and tryed the game again and guess what THE LAG WAS REDUCED GREATLY!!!!!!! yeah but if u play to long it will start to lag again and then u have to reboot again SO IRRAATATING!!!!! anyways another guy found to reduce lag wehn playing the game with your pointer thingy look diown to the floor and look at your map so ya know where ur goin lol! aanother way my friend showed me was go to options and turn down teh details and stuff like that but do not mess with gamma or light that does nothing it jus tmesses up your screen to make it look foggy!! also another way is try to go where there is hardly any big buildings like um say your playing star wars galaxies try to avoid going to the real big cities just go to the player ones it will reduce lag by lots so try this and u will be not ahving lag so much


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Er yes, turning down the graphics will improve performance.

Are you talking about lag or choppy framerate?

Dr. Tek

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Must be frame rate, as the video settings only have an effect on the client side, while lagg is caused by a bad connection or improper connections settings, such as the transfer rate, hunk megs, and packet size, 3 commont to all games, yet things most people will not touch since they are not sure what they are or how to change them. Lowering GFX settings will improve frame rate, but is not a fix to lag. Hope this can clarify this for people, because there is a HUGE difference between FPS and lag.