I got a PS3


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Although if the guy who promises to buy my Wii runs away then i may have to eat it or burn it for heat.

Not sure how the friends thing works but my login name is Rizzrat or you can find me via my email addy.

I currently have Star wars lego that i am playing with my wife, fight night 3 and MGS4.. and of course LBP on preorder
Well, Rizz, I'm sad to hear that I won't be throwing any more blue shells at your head, but I'm glad to hear blackgravity has another PS3 pal to play games with.

EDIT: And with Rizz now the proud owner of a PS3, that increases the odds of Tribe of Judah getting a PS3 chapter off the ground...
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I'll be sending the wife for LBP on the 21st, seeing as how I'll be at work. I highly suggest checking out Warhawk however you can, renting maybe. I'm pretty sure the UK got Greatest Hits a few months before the US, but it should be GH there too.
Another PS3 owner! I love this system. Little Big Planet is a nice addition to the PS3 library. And you did good getting MGS4. Like Blackgravity said, Warhawk is a great game to get. I'm also very addicted to Burnout Paradice again. I'll send ya an add.
Alright! Another PS3 user! I am OmegaAmen on PSN and feel free to add me to your friends list (in fact, I will add all you guys if you don't mind).

I strongly suggest that you upgrade your hard drive for your PS3. This is the hard drive I am using. A lot of PS3 and PSN games use quite a bit of hard drive space, and as your library grows, your available hard drive space will shrink quickly.

Other hardware to consider is the Official PS3 Bluetooth Headset, which will come out in a couple of weeks.

Also, since you are looking forward to playing LBP, it really utilizes the Playstation 3 Eye camera (it also has a mike).

I have... well... a lot of PS3 and PSN games, but I am not sure what type of games you really like. I strongly suggest playing Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. For multiplayer action, Warhawk is very popular, and SOCOM: Confrontation is bound to be very popular when it is released.

Check out the Playstation Store for some great downloadable games. Super Stardust HD, the Pixeljunk games, Bionic Commando Rearmed, Mega Man 9.... Wipeout HD is absolutely amazing, and you can purchase Burnout Paradise for download as well.
Just curious, can the PS3 use PS2 memory cards?

I read it requires an adapter.

I can understand it has a Hard Drive, just thinking, can you also save on HDD from PS2 games?

If I had a friend that owns PS3, and I wanted to bring a PS2 game, like Ace Combat Zero, it would suck, I couldn't use my planes I've unlocked on my memory card. :confused:
You have to have an adapter to use a PS2 or PS1 memory card. But yes, you can save games to the harddrive. You can even download saves if that's your thing.

Also: The Eye rules. My son has a ton of fun watching himself on the TV, and I'm imagining it's gonna do some cool stuff with Little Big Planet. Too bad I don't have as much time to mess around in the beta as I would like.
I just got WipEout HD this afternoon. Have only had time to just burn through one race, but it seems pretty rad. Here's hoping I can get the hang of it with my limited time
I just got WipEout HD this afternoon. Have only had time to just burn through one race, but it seems pretty rad. Here's hoping I can get the hang of it with my limited time

Well.. if your Hard Drive gets wiped out anytime soon, I know why.. ;)
Seems the only games i am getting in the next 6 months are LBP and the remaining LEGO games since we demolished starwars in a couple of weeks... my wife is addicted o_O