I'm thinking about going to church


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...Wait for it!...

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The difference between you and I is that you INTENTIONALLY spell words incorrectly.

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It woud require a HUGE amount of organization and an incredible small group program to foster any type of community there. Even so, I would think that the reason a lot of folks go to megachurches is so they can remain anonymous-- which defeats part of the purpose of going to church in the first place.

I would agree that some people go to a megachurch in order to remain anonymous, but megachurches aren't a bad thing at all. In many cases, there's a good reason they've grown into that size of a church. Typically they had a good leader (pastor) who followed God and God blessed that church. I'm not saying all the time, but many times that is the case. You just really need to examine the pastor and see where he's led and where he's leading the church. And even then, just because a church has a great pastor, it doesn't mean that's the church for you. God has a place for everyone.

As for the small groups/life groups, that is the main source for unity and community. Without it, the church suffers no matter what size the church is. The 'church' in New Testament times consisted of groups of believers who met in homes and fellowshipped. They would then go to the Temple and hear the word and worship God. The same goes for any church today. The 'church' building is a place to worship God, be shepharded (sp?) and connect with other believers. Then they can use those connections to join in a small group/life group either at the church or at someone's home. Does it take organization. Possibly. But God will provide organization if you let Him.

Community isn't made in worship services. That time is for you to worship God and let Him give you guidance through your pastor. Too many times people in a church believes that is where community comes from, so they spend too much of that time trying to connect to everyone and leave God out.

I'll leave this post with this thought. Some people in my old church (which was a small country church...I go to a bigger church, now) said that they didn't want the church to grow. They were afraid the church would get too big and they would lose that sense of community. But by being afraid of that happening, they were hindering God's work in the church. If God is moving, He will bring the people and the resources, thus the church will inevitably grow.
Not all churches are right

Yes as shoking as that may sound but it is still posible for men and women to have a real love for the lord even there but as we lern about the lord and what he wants for our lives we are compelled by the holly ghoast to seek a church that the lord is realy moving in.

and the way you know a church is real or not is very simple

1 the pastor or precher preches of Jesus Christ being the lord and savyer of all john 14:6 I timothy 4:10
2 the paster teaches of the conviction of sin and of the redmtion of Christs blood Romans 6:23 I peater 2:19

3 the holly ghoast is preached wich is the comferter pored out opon all who are born agian. John 14:26 I peter 2:22-23

4 you are incureged to read your bible and pray, and find out for your self what is truth Joshua 1:8 I timothy 4:15 IItimothy 2:15

5 and lastly you are encuraged to witness to others which is the great commision. Matthew 10:32-33 28:19-20 Acts 1:8

and remember always Romans 8:31 what shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?

God Bless you all Brothers and Sisters in Christ
Gott mit uns, eh?

I should hasten to add in explanation that some of the worst atrocities in history have been accomplished under that banner.

I'll also quote Cromwell "So many say God's for them - I'll wager God wonders who's for him."
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THank you for Helping me out

I was in Iraq for a year and there are plenty of times that if I didnt have the Victory of Jesus Christ on the inside I cold have easaly let my 50 rock and no one wold have been the wiser but the Lord has givin me that heart and spirital mind set to love even thoes who persicut me. Even when they coled me an Infidal pig (Which if that is what I am by serving Jesus then OINK OINK ) I still smiled and waved.
Well wouldn't that depend on your defintition of atrosities? Besides he never said you would want to if you didn't hov God in your heart (did he?:rolleyes: ).
DarthDapor said:
Well wouldn't that depend on your defintition of atrosities? Besides he never said you would want to if you didn't hov God in your heart (did he?:rolleyes: ).

Actually that was implied by his post.

My definition of atrocities would be acts that are extremely wicked, brutal, or cruel.