Information for the List of Christian MMO guilds.

Neirai the Forgiven

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The purpose of this thread is to allow users to post information pertaining to Christian MMO guilds.
This information will be used to add your guild to the CGA List of Christian MMO guilds.

When posting in this thread, please try to include information about:
  • Guild Name
  • Game
  • Server Name, Time Zone, and Type (where applicable)
  • Faction (where applicable)
  • Guild Website (where applicable)


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not a member, they wouldnt let me join cause my toon was named after a Norse goddess, and they have been known to be rude to players with pagan-themed names.


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wanted to make a quick alteration in my previous listings for the Christian Guild

1) Previously I was apart of The Silver Order on Trollbane. I have since left this guild since no one is on anymore. I can no longer vouch if it is Christian or not either as I was the contact man. You may want to 'unlist' that one.

2) My previous listing for 'Gnomish Death Squad' is still valid and moved all my toons there. The guildmaster is me, Sinistter, but I use my main more often in this guild and would be considered the contact person (Triscar). Also, this guild is now officially a Christian Guild. I have a webpage for this guild along with the one below on my site - so the listing for this one can be moved up to the Christian Guilds area. Trollbane server - Alliance - World of Warcraft

3) I have added also my Horde guild as a Christian guild. It is on Argent Dawn server. Called the Icefury Reavers - contact is the guildmaster Bloodsilver. Also has its own minipage on my site.

Both the guilds I run currently have little to no members unfortunately other than myself. I am hoping to expand both these guilds in the future. Thank you, God Bless, Game on.


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whoops, forgot to add. My listing for Gnomish Death Squad also is not gnomes only anymore. I'd never get any recruits that way I figured - open now to all. thnks again.

Neirai the Forgiven

Christian Guilds List Manager
Thanks for the post, ArcticFox. I've updated the list of Christian guilds. The Grey Council is our first known Christian EQ2 guild!


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Thanks for the post, ArcticFox. I've updated the list of Christian guilds. The Grey Council is our first known Christian EQ2 guild!
Awesome! Actually our guild at the moment consists entirely of people we know from real life but in the past exceptions have been made for people we felt comfortable with.


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Hi Neirai:

I am posting regarding a new WOW guild on the Eldre'Thalas server. We advertise ourselves as family-friendly but the GM and officers are all believers and the guild is operated under Christian principles.

* Carpe Draco
* World of Warcraft
* Eldre'Thalas, Eastern Time Zone
* Alliance

The GM is Justinpeace. Please let me know if you need anything else.



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Here's the info for TOJ's Sith guild in Star Wars: The Old Republic.

Name: Called from Darkness
Game: Star Wars: The Old Republic
Server: None yet, but preferences set to PvP, Pacific time zone
Faction: Sith Empire
Leader: DarthSpock/Grimbeorn ( forums)
You can also find the guild's pre-launch page at:

Just make sure you send me a pm to let me know how you found the guild if you send an application there, since I don't want to let trolls join.


Tribe of Judah Star Wars: The Old Republic Sith Em
TOR is in testing, but it requires an invite to get in. Earlier this week Bioware opened up a new guild HQ, though, which allows guilds to get rosters and all that up and running pre-launch. People can join that on TOR's site, and also I've had forums up for TOJ's Sith guild for over a year now. Suffice to say that I've been watching this game for quite a while and preparing for its release. :D


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Hello again,

Saw that the guild leader for The Fish and Bread Trick got updated to Junataro. Thank you. This is Junataro, and I just noticed that the list of Christian guilds is still showing The Fish and Bread Trick's website as

This link is no longer functioning, and is not our website, since Guildtag was closed down a few months ago. We have our own domain now. Our current website is:

Please update when you can. Thanks!


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Guild Name: Esoterikos
Game: World of Warcraft
Server Name, Time Zone, and Type: Twisting Nether, Mountain, RP-PVP
Faction: Horde

I am the guild leader, and I run the guild on Christian values.