Interested in becoming a Server Admin?

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Here is how I normally determine who I feel would be a good admin:

1.) Maturity - This has nothing to do with age, although the older you age, the more mature you are (in most cases). By this, I see how people act and react in certain situations and how they talk, play, and LISTEN.

2.) Responsibility - The first part of this is, are you willing to stop playing and take care of a problem player/situtation? Essentially, are you willing to babysit the server and it's problem players? The second part deals with not abusing admin powers. Can you handle not lashing out in anger using your admin abilities?

3.) Leadership - This basically just shows me if you can handle people naturally, and if people respond. How good can you lead people and set an example?

4.) Attitude - This is a tough one, because I know CS brings a lot of nasty things out in people. Again, I like to see how people act/react in certain situations and how they treat other players and develop relationships.

5.) Relationship(s) - This is one of the most important. By this, most importantly I mean your relationship with Christ, and with players, leaders, admins, and other ToJ members.

Unfortunately, I don't usually choose members who come asking for admin powers -- because they want revenge, or to play some jokes on people or because they think it would be cool or fun. This is usually the case, but I do believe some simply want to help in the sincerest manner. Chances are, I will not grant admin access to those who ask.

Admin access will only be given to those who are invited or asked to join the admin group. If you are still interested in becoming an admin, simply be on your best behavior because all of us admins are always looking for more.
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