is there a ToJ/CGA Discord server that we can join?

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as the free desktop app Discord grows increasingly more popular, I was wondering if there was a Discord CGA server created that we all could join, and be able to chat amongst one another, see who's online/what they're playing, -privately- chat together for multiplayer games.

if not, may i somehow propose one get created?
I've only vaguely heard of Discord. We had a Teamspeak server, which I thought was to be replaced by a Mumble server, but I see we still have a TS server right now. It's been a very long time since I used it and even then only for an exceedingly short time, thus I don't remember all the history. It was mainly used by Minecraft and MMORPG people. Ah here is the info page .
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Mumble server installation and administration was a nightmare on a CentOS server, so we went back to TeamSpeak.

As for Discord, I've liked and I use it, but I haven't looked in to creating channels or groups of channels for the CGA or ToJ.

I can try to research it soon, but if someone else could check it out and post a summary, I can look it over.

But for now, yes, we use TeamSpeak. Discord would have to be amazing for us to switch when we've already invested so much time and effort in to TS.
The guild I'm in on WoW has moved to Discord entirely. We used to coordinate officer/core raid group/CM stuff on Skype and have Vent for everything else. Discord is pretty much a 'where have you been all my life' for guilds lol.
So I've been using Discord for Puzzle & Dragons co-op recently and I've come to like it. I have the Discord app installed on my phone and I usually have the Discord site up and running when I'm at work or at home and in front of a computer.

I've created a very basic server for the Christian Gamers Alliance and can send an invite to anyone who might be interested.

Please excuse the incoming use of all caps:


So I'm going to be looking for folks I can trust to do it for me. And for the community. And for me.

Up for the challenge? Send me a PM and I'll send you the invite link to the server.