It's Tuesday -- Is this really a Warlock?

Neirai the Forgiven

Christian Guilds List Manager
These are the changes for your class in 5.0.4. This list is not exhaustive and does not include glyphs. It’s purpose is to enable you to quickly see what’s different with your class.

If a power isn’t mentioned, it probably hasn’t changed much. If a power is marked as available to all specs, it may be a talent or have been changed to a core class power. If a power is marked as removed, it may be completely gone or now only part of a glyph.


Curse of Enfeeblement -- Combines Curse of Weakness and Curse of Tongues, reducing damage by 20% and increasing casting time by 50%.
Agony is no longer a Bane.
Curse of the Elements now only causes the target to take 5% additional magic damage.
Dark Intent is now an aura that gives your raid +10% spell power.
Doomguard attacks deal more damage to targets as they lose more and more health.
*NEW* Command Demon -- Causes your summoned Demon to perform its best ability.
*NEW* Unending Resolve -- Defensive cooldown. 40% damage reduction and grants immunity to interrupts and silences.
*NEW* Imp Swarm -- Battle cooldown that summons 5 Wild Imps. Using Imp Swarm will prevent Wild Imps from being summoned while it cools down.
Pandemic will be available to all Warlocks at level 90.
Shadowfury is now available to all Warlocks
Soul Leach is now available to all Warlocks.
Soul Siphon is now available to all Warlocks.

Affliction -- Choosing this spec causes you to gain Unstable Affliction.
Soul Shards -- A new secondary resource that can be used to summon demons instantly, turn your curses into AOE curses, increase the health amounts transferred by Drain Life and Health Funnel, and cause your Seed of Corruption to spread Corruption when it explodes. In addition, you can burn Soul Shards when you use Soul Swap to place Corruption, Unstable Affliction, and Haunt on your target.
Drain Soul -- If Drain Soul ticks twice on a target, you gain a Soul Shard. If it kills its target, you gain three shards. On targets with less than 20% health, Drain Soul causes your DOTs, including Drain Soul, to tick twice whenever they hit.
Nightfall now gives Corruption a chance to produce Soul Shards when it ticks.
Haunt no longer heals you when it deals damage, but it causes your spells to do extra damage.
*NEW* Malefic Grasp -- A channel spell that deals damage over time and causes your DOTs to deal additional damage as if they ticked every second.
Your Mastery now only effects Corruption, Unstable Affliction, and Haunt.
Your Demon Soul is now Dark Soul -- gives you 30% haste as a cooldown.

Demonology -- Choosing this spec causes you to gain Demonic Fury and Metamorphosis.
Demonic Fury -- your spells cause you to gain Fury, which increases your spell damage and acts as a resource when you use Metamorphosis.
Metamorphosis causes you to deal 24% more damage and changes many of your spells. It also gives you 3.5x the armor and reduces snare durations.
Shadowbolt in Metamorphosis does Chaos Damage and extends the duration of Corruption on your targets.
In Metamorphosis, your Hellfire doesn't damage you when cast and doesn't need to be channeled.
In Metamorphosis, your Curses are Auras.
In Metamorphosis, Fel Flame strikes targets in a 20 yard line.
Hand of Gul'Dan in Metamorphosis does Chaos Damage, but does not apply Shadowflame.
*NEW* Carrion Swarm -- In Metamorphosis, deals damage and knocks targets back in a line.

Soul Fire generates 30 Demonic Fury
Hellfire generates 3 Demonic Fury each time it ticks.
Hand of Gul'Dan now causes 30% speed reduction and generates 2 Demonic Fury when it ticks.
Molten Core -- Now triggers on Shadowflame or Wild Imps procs or whenever Soul Fire or Shadowbolt hits a target with less than 20% health. Reduces Soul Fire costs and cast times by 50%.
Your Demon Soul becomes Dark Soul and gives you 18000 Mastery as a cooldown.
*NEW* Wild Imps -- Your direct damage spells in any form and Corruption critical attacks in demon form summon Wild Imps every 20 seconds. Wild Imps cast 10 Firebolts and generate 50 Demonic Fury before leaving.
Aura of Foreboding no longer exists.
Demonic Empowerment no longer exists.

Destruction -- Choosing this spec causes you to gain 7.25x your normal mana regeneration and causes your haste to increase your mana regen. It also gives you Conflagrate and Incinerate, but stops you from using Life Tap.
*NEW* Burning Embers are a secondary resource that are generated by casting fire spells and used to cast your more powerful spells.
Incinerate generates a Burning Ember when cast. Generates an additional Burning Ember on a critical hit.
Immolate critical ticks generate Burning Embers. Immolate replaces Corruption.
Shadowburn costs Burning Embers and generates additional Burning Embers if it kills its target.
Chaos Bolt costs Burning Embers. Replaces Soul Fire.
*NEW* Ember Tap is a heal spell that costs Burning Embers.
*NEW* Flames of Xoroth -- consumes Burning Embers to instantly summon your last demon.

Rain of Fire deals 50% more damage to Immolated targets, doesn't need to be channeled, and stuns targets who stand in it too long.
Fire and Brimstone is a cooldown that makes your next Fire spell into an AOE that deals 56% more damage.
Demon Soul becomes Dark Soul, which gives you 30% more crit as a cooldown.