It's Tuesday -- What happened to my rogue?

Neirai the Forgiven

Christian Guilds List Manager
These are the changes for your class in 5.0.4. This list is not exhaustive and does not include glyphs. It’s purpose is to enable you to quickly see what’s different with your class.

If a power isn’t mentioned, it probably hasn’t changed much. If a power is marked as available to all specs, it may be a talent or have been changed to a core class power. If a power is marked as removed, it may be completely gone or now only part of a glyph.


Poisons now affect both weapons. You can have one Lethal poison (which deals damage) and one Non-lethal poison on your weapons at any one time.
All rogues now move 15% faster. This increase does not stack with other movement speed increases.
*NEW* Crimson Tempest -- a finishing move that causes all enemies near you to bleed.
*NEW* Shadow Walk -- a cooldown that temporarily increases your stealthiness, making you even harder to see.
*NEW* Shroud of Concealment -- an AOE stealth cooldown. It creates an aura that applies stealth to all your friends in the radius.
*NEW* Swiftblade's Cunning gives you and your raid members 10% attack speed.
Cheat Death is now available to all Rogues.
Quickening is now available to all Rogues.
Preparation is now available to all Rogues.
Shadowstep is now available to all Rogues.

Assassination -- Choosing this spec causes you to gain 20 energy and 20% damage as long as your wield daggers, 20% bonus damage to your Lethal poisons, and the Mutilate power.
Envenom never consumes your poisons.
*NEW* Dispatch -- Replaces Sinister Strike with a powerful attack that can only be used against targets with less than 35% health.
Blindside -- your Mutilate has a 30% chance to give you free Dispatches. These Dispatch attacks can be used regardless of the target's health.
Cold Blood no longer exists.
Overkill no longer exists.

Combat -- Choosing this spec causes you to gain Ambidexterity, Blade Flurry, and Vitality.
Vitality has 5% less effect.
Combat Potency now has the same effect regardless of weapon speed.

Subtlety -- Choosing this spec causes you to gain Hemorrhage, Master of Subtlety, and Sinister Calling.
Hemorrhage now does more damage if you wield daggers and replaces Sinister Strike.
Sinister Calling now affects Agility only.
Sanguinary Veins increases Rapture damage by 50% and causes you to deal 20% more damage to enemies affected by your bleeds -- except Hemorrhage.
Energetic Recovery causes you to gain energy while Slice and Dice is active.
Shadow Dance now also reduces the cost of Ambush by 20 Energy.