It's Tuesday -- What happened to my Shaman?

Neirai the Forgiven

Christian Guilds List Manager
These are the changes for your class in 5.0.4. This list is not exhaustive and does not include glyphs. It’s purpose is to enable you to quickly see what’s different with your class.

If a power isn’t mentioned, it probably hasn’t changed much. If a power is marked as available to all specs, it may be a talent or have been changed to a core class power. If a power is marked as removed, it may be completely gone or now only part of a glyph.


Earth Shock now causes Weakened Blows
Lightning and Water Shield no longer have charges and last 60 minutes.
Cleanse Spirit now removes all Curses from the target but has an 8 second cooldown.
Chain Heal now hits up to 4 targets.
Grace of Air is now an aura.
*NEW* Stormblast -- Identical to Stormstrike, but with a 30 yard range.
Healing Stream Totem is now has a 15 second duration and a 30 second cooldown.
*NEW* Capacitor Totem -- After 5 seconds, this totem explodes, causing a 5 second stun. Air Totem.
*NEW* Stormlash Totem -- Causes your raid to deal extra lightning damage with its attacks and spells. 5 minute cooldown. Air Totem.
Elemental Mastery is now available to all Shamans.
Nature's Guardian is now available to all Shamans.

Elemental -- Choosing this spec causes you to gain Ancestral Focus, Elemental Fury, Elemental Precision, Elemental Reach, Shamanism, Spiritual Insight, and Thunderstorm.

Enhancement -- Choosing this spec causes you to gain Dual Wield, Lava Lash, Mental Quickness, and Primal Wisdom.
Flurry now has procs half as much, but lasts for 5 attacks and grants you 50% more haste while it is up.
Searing Flames now stacks on you instead of on your targets.
Unleashed Rage is now an aura that grants your raid 10% additional attack speed.
*NEW* Spirit walk -- Grants you the movement speed buff that went with Feral Spirits, without having to cast that spell.

Restoration -- Choosing this spec causes you to gain Ancestral Focus, Meditation, Purification, Riptide, and Spiritual Insight.
Purification now increases your healing by 25%, totem healing by 50%, and allows your heals to increase their target's maximum health by 10% of the healing done, up to a maximum of 10% of the target's full health.
Riptide is never consumed by Chain Heal, but it only empowers your Chain Heals if it is on the first target healed.
Spiritual Insight now gives you 4x the mana and hit caps your direct damage offensive spells.
Purify Spirit now removes all Curse and Magic effects from the target, but has an 8 second cooldown.
Mana Tide Totem now lasts 33% longer.
Nature's Swiftness no longer exists for Shamans.