January 4-5

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As I read through Genesis I notice more and more great stories and tales that I never knew existed. In Genesis 10:8 we learn about Nimrod, the first great warrior hero on earth. These are awesome new things that I'm learning as we go.

A few other things of note from the last two days of reading:

- I will never look at a rainbow the same way again. I never connected the fact that a rainbow comes after... rain. This isn't just a symbol, it is a sign of God's covenant to never destroy the earth by water again. (Genesis 9:12)

- When Jesus approached Peter, Andrew, James and John they immediately dropped what they were doing and followed Him. Could you do the same today? (Matthew 4:19)

- I always thought that the people who built the Tower of Babel were confused as punishment for trying to reach God in the tower. But after reading the account in the Bible I feel that it was more like God realizing there needed to be some diversity in on the earth. (Genesis 11:7)

- I never knew that Abraham gave his wife to Pharoah. I cannot imagine offering my wife to anyone, even if I thought my life was at risk. This really surprised me and was not something I had previously noticed. (Genesis 12:18)

- If anyone asks you where in the Bible it says not to curse, quote them Matthew 5:21-22. Jesus makes it pretty clear that our language is extremely important and to be kept pure.

Readings for January 4, 2006

Readings for January 5, 2006
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About the Tower of Babel--

The phrase that jumped out at me was that the people of the earth wanted to make "a monument to our greatness". Within just a few generations after the Flood, the descendants of Noah had turned away from praising God and turned back to praising themselves.

Another interesting note is this: there was a very famous painting of the Tower of Babel painted in the 16th century by Pieter Breugel that was very recently used as the theme for the EU's headquarters in Luxembourg.

Here is a pic of the painting and building superimposed on each other. Here is an official EU propaganda poster. Notice the ten smaller stars all seming to defer to the large, prominent star in the middle. Cross reference this with Revelation, and make your own conclusions.