Launching a new site/idea, we need your feedback!


Hello ladies and gents! I'm launching a new site:

The purpose of this site is to provide a safer online gaming environment by hosting games with moderators and swear/gore filters if applicable.

We'd like to rent dedicated dual core severs and we need to capture feedback to find out if there is a demand for this service and if people are willing to pay a small monthly fee to help offset cost. In return they would get to choose what games/maps/mods we host.

Please check out the site/forum and if you're interested please join our mailing list.

God Bless!



we'll be looking for server mods if/when this kicks off and server mods will be given full benefits for free :)


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Looks like a terrific idea.

As one who has experienced his share of problems raising funds for two online organizations, I would warn against spending any money until you have people commit--with cash. Promises and good intentions are fine, but they won't pay the server bills.


I know, collecting e-mails and a couple survey questions for now when we have 30 I'll blast an e-mail asking for commitments and then rent the server