Left Behind: Eternal Forces

No, I heard bad things about the demo, including mentions of spy-ware/mal-ware, so I stayed far away from it.


Now, as if the game itself was not controversial enough, it has been discovered that the publishers, Left Behind Games (a publicly traded company, even) have added money-changers to their particular temple. The game comes fully loaded with what some would term built-in spyware, in the form of in-game advertising that tracks the amount of time ads are seen, how often the game is played, and the player's geographical and personal information. It then sends this data back to the advertiser's servers. From the horse's mouth:

"All Double Fusion campaigns provide detailed campaign reporting for full accountability, and, unlike other media, advertisers only pay for the time their ads are seen...unlike TV, unlike the web, and unlike print. No medium is more accountable and measurable in terms of the actual time spent with advertising."

"Double Fusion's In-Game Ad Engine is a software component that gamer developers insert in their games. The Ad Engine is the seamless interface between the game and the advertiser servers, and works as a broker between the two, calling advertising creative elements as needed, providing them to the game to be displayed as ads in the game, and tracking impressions and views and reporting back to the advertising management servers."

Eh? What kind of rating system is this?

Game Play 12/20
Graphics 7/10
Sound 8/10
Controls/Interface 2/5
Stability 4/5
Appropriateness 47.5/50
-4 for killing in self defense
-1.5 for stereotypical biases
+3 for delivering good moral lessons
Final Score 80%

Shouldn't all the values be equalized? Like all sections x/5, not x/20, x/10, x/50, etc

That doesn't make much sense at all.

80% seemed a bit high to me, so I checked Game Rankings and found an average score of 45.6%

I did, however, like this comment posted after the CCGR review:
That brings up an interesting point; if a game based upon the Inquisition did come out, would this website rate it better if the Catholics or the Protestants were the good guys?

game play got 33/50 in other words game play alone got 66% and since the game was fairly appropriate it got boosted to 80
Why not? If a game is inappropriate in certain ways it will make it less fun to play for some people.