Looking for a Christian guild on Anvil Rock (GW2)


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Hi folks! I'm new to the forums, and I hope you can help me.

I've been looking high and low for a Christian guild to join in Guild Wars 2. I'm currently on the Anvil Rock server, and I'm willing to move (preferably to one of those currently free-to-move medium population servers - getting enough gold for 1800 gems to transfer is going to take a while). I'm a casual player, logging on when I can in between family (new baby) and ministry. I would love to be in a community where I could relax and have fellowship, rather than feel I'm on my guard all the time - for people who claim to value equality and tolerance, some players are surprisingly (or perhaps not so surprisingly) intolerant to anything other than their own "sandy foundationed" opinions.

So, can someone help a weary pilgrim? :)
I'm not quite sure there are any on AR...all the large guilds, including us, are on SoR. We'd love to have you, though! Of course, outside of WvW you could play on SoR 24/7, so if you'd like to hop in and check us out, just let us know. I've been with these people for 5 or 6 years and confirm they are awesome. :)
Thanks RyanB. I didn't know which server to choose when I started, so I just picked one that I thought I could remember. :) The catch is that my play times are really erratic (new baby), but I'd love to drop by. I'm guessing guesting is the way to go until I can get enough resources to make the server jump? Better get my characters crafting...
I'm on Anvil Rock too, and haven't found any Christian guilds yet, thinking I might start one.

GW2- Jamie Stargleam

Edit: I created a guild! It's called Cross Bearers (CB)
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