Looking for people trying to change the World


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Hey! What's up? I'm N.O.B.O.D.Y.! I'm a naive 22 year old kid who thinks he can change the world! And I'm looking for people just as crazy as I am to help me out! My dream is to create a network of interconnected projects across different mediums. i.e. Video Games, Books, Graphic Novels, Movies, etc. I want to create stories of deep imagination and thought that push people to be the best that they can be. In order to counteract the intense pain and darkness that plague our society, I will create and pioneer innovations of art, hope, dreams, thought, imagination, joy, and love. Specifically I am looking for 3D Modelers, Artists, Coders, Marketers, and Graphic Designers, but it doesn't matter what you specialize in! It doesn't even matter if you consider yourself completely unskilled as long as you are willing to learn something new. Above all else I'm looking for people willing to fight to make our world a better place.))