March 22nd


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Just a thought - we need to have an event where a group of people make lvl 1 gnome mages, then have a lvl 80 escort them on a foot race... from Dalaran to Mao'ki Harbor in Dragonblight. Has to be strictly on foot and only one escort to guide/protect them. We could call it something totally corny like "The Great Gnome Roam." I was active with The Forgiven when they did an event something like that and it was more fun than any raid! Requirements would be something like 1) Vent 2) lvl 1 gnome mage as they come out of the oven 3) one lvl 80 escort per gnome. Talk about an aggro magnet - can you imagine what a lvl 1 would aggro in Crystalsong and Dragonblight???!!! Probably all the way to Icecrown!