Mesmer vs. Elemental


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I wanted to start a character and level 80 it and just do stuff with the guild and whatnot. My question is, where are elementalists and Mesmers now? Are either any better/worse? If so, where are builds now, are there really good builds, are there fun ones? Et cetera et cetera. :)
If you're looking simply for general pve content any class that is fun for you to play is as good as any other. The same can almost be said for WvW with the exception that the classes fit certain roles. If you're interested in sPvP then I would (as a mesmer) tell you that ele's pretty much top the charts. The healing of ele builds combined with their power makes them hard to beat in the hands of a good player. Mesmer builds are all over the place right now, I'm still a fan of the power build but it has been nerfed several times. Imo mesmer is one of, if not, the most fun classes to play so i still play it more than the others. So, back to my first point, the class you have the most fun with is one I'd pick.

As far as builds go in the pvp meta: the ele "bunker build" is still king, and mesmers are playing "shatter" builds to push points/roam. So the question is: do you want to push points or hold them?
When LoE, I believe, and SoLA did their first WvWvW together, I believe I was there and we had alot of fun as a great group holding a point. I think I might go elemenetal, but you may have just convinced me to make my third one day a Mesmer. :) I could do both those builds and if I did WvWvW or anything with you guys, I could be one or the other depending.
i like both classes but each has its benefits depending on the situation.
what i do is go to youtube and lookup current builds for all my classes.
i try to find videos that show gear,weapons,utilities,traits and the build in action
so i know the idea behind the build and/or how to play it most effectively

example: i am running a necro build with 59% crit chance and 99% critical damage
when i go into deathshroud my crit chance jumps from 59% to 100%
giving me max damage.
this build is a glass cannon of sorts and is not very tanky
but i enjoy it alot lol
Both Ele and Mesmer are good in roaming, small party WvW.

In Zerg v Zerg, I wasn't very happy with my Mesmer. They have some great utilities, like portal, and into the void for pulling people off walls, reflect bubbles, but damage being tied to clones and phantasms, which die extremely quickly in zerg v zerg, makes trying to do damage very strange.

Ele, on the other hand, can dish out AoE damage while also having CC and the ability to support with a variety of combo fields.

I know plenty of people play Mesmer in WvW and do amazing things, but the above has been my experience. I expect that Mesmer really shine best in a coordinated group where their utility can be used to best effect. Ele seems to be able to shine in both coordinated groups and general WvW chaos.
How can you not love big swords and laser beams!?

I keep trying other things but always come back to mesmer. The most challenging part is managing clones for me...that is making use of them.