MON night PvP 9/28, probably HEXWAY


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We need more people to come so we can have enough for HA. Therefore I have programmed this message so that you will automatically be visited by a persistent AMWAY salesperson if you do not show up for this week's PvP. Hate to take such drastic measures, but its For Teh Win. :D

In all seriousness, please come! We will do some fun Team Arenas if we have four players, but as always we're hoping for 8 players and some HA fun!

Event starts at 7:30, meet in the SOE Hall and have at least one of the Hexway builds ready to go (see last week's post for a link to the templates on pvxwiki). New players are always welcome and I'll be glad to help you get set up.

On a final note - there are a lot of people asking for later PvP. If you are interested in organizing it, it is bound to be successful! But it won't if nobody steps up to the plate! :rolleyes:



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Sorry, I was taken against my will and had to go shopping.