Monday night PvP 11/9 7:30 PM EST


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We figured everyone would be Guild-Warsed out tonight after all the Halloween questing, but lets plan ahead for PvP next Monday night!

Mirawyn and I really love playing PvP, but I'm not sure we're getting the participation we really need if we're going to keep it up. Monday night is the only night of the week we have any time around the house and we're sacrificing a good chunk of it for PvP - so we really need our PvP folks to make an effort to come whenever possible to make these events work. I'm sure Dredd feels the same way after trying to organize a late night event and having nobody show up for it. So if you are wanting PvP to work, or if you are a PvE player and ready for something new and different, we need you to come and help make our PvP events happen! Come on Monday night if you're an earlier player or watch for Dredd's post if you can only play later. We look forward to seeing you there!

Dorkelf & Mirawyn