My Farewell(cont'd)


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Leave this open for COMPLIMENTS AND MEMORIES. If you have discussion on other matters, take it elsewhere.

Admins, I think it's safe to say, feel free with the deletion of degenerative posts.
I think you vanaze, lets keep this positive guys so it won't be locked. Mad props to 3R guys for staying committed to yourself and not giving up. Ive seen how hard you guys are working and I only hope that if ever a day should come that toj actually creates a solid a-team that they had as much passion for God and the game as you guys do.
Hey Dead Aim I read some of your old posts on the forum and u seem like a cool, very positive guy. I wish u all the best in the future. Maybe I'll see u on the toj server sometime. I'll probobly get pwned. But I'll probobly learn alot. Well gl with everything.:)
Sad to see you leave. I have played with you once i think online. I love to play with people from the forum!

The one thing i know with disagreements is that it's the 'enemy' who brings division. Divide and conquer. we have all heard it. Another new one i heard lately is 'offence is the bait of satan' (john Bevere- great book and video series)

if we did what the word said, and loved one another a little more. Walked a couple of miles in another mans shoes, our opinions of each other and what we do, would be a lot different.

Personally i can't believe how MUCH elite and the other admins do. Personally i love to be in the forums, but there have been times where i havne't been in the forums for a month or two at a time. If you only get one time a week to game ( like i sometimes do) i lock and load, before i sit and chat.

These guys do everthing! they reply to peoples emails, they hook up on chats. they meet people for games, and organise events, as well as monitor the forums, and help people with their personal hassles via email.

Talk about run the good race.

My hat goes off to the TOJ team.

for anyone feeling down, get involved and be a part of the answer. We need harvestors not more Harvest!


what the heck, a guest postin here? odd, oh well, dangit DA its still sad to see you leave. prolly one of my fav people to play with and against heck cuz u used a mic and a few other people do that was extra incentive to get my mic
Sorry to bud in but to answer your question Atown, "Guest" shows up usually in place of someone who had their account deleted after they posted the message.
I want to thank you micah for the good lucks and advice you gave us to 3R. I wish you a safe journey away from toj and that you'll find a new team and new destination in your life. It was all an honor and fun having you has a SC chapter's co-leader.

If you need anythin im here, 3R's here, we're all here.
I never said I was leaving ya hanging with sc chapter bro. I want you to know that I am still in there tight with you. Im leaving toj-cs for now, (and since things are working out prolly just for a temporary amount of time im happy to report). Im glad I can help out anyway possible with 3R, you guys need alot of work but you have the passion and commit like a team Ive never seen. With a little guidance and that kind of commitment you will go far.