My Job


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Our company just announced that it will be getting rid of 30 people. So in 30 days i could be without a job :(

I would appreciate your support, and if i lose my job... you can probably pay me $10 to dance for you or something


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Unemployment is tough. The thread of unemployment is pretty bad, too.

I'll be praying.


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praying for you, losing a job can be hard. but know if something happens god will help you. he has a plan for everything that comes into your life.


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Update: I officially find out on monday what is going to happen. If i am in the "risk list" then i will have 6 weeks to get my stuff sorted.. Hopefully it should be enough time to find something else... but then you never know..

Just hope i am on the safe list.


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praying for you.
if you get the ax , start looking then or as soon as you find out. don't wait. beat em to the draw. maybe start now and find a better paying job. prayers are going up for you!


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Just got the news in...

I am safe !! :D :D :D

Thankyou all for your support. It has been a very stressfull week.