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ok i was listening to my christian playlist and got really bored then switched to my epic rock..... and then i was like.... is there any epic christian rock? o_O
good question. I'm not quite sure myself, but perhaps a definition of "epic rock" and a definition of "Christian rock" may be required before I can go digging.
epic rock is like................ rhapsody or dragon force (though i dont like dragon force i love rhapsody), while christian rock is like.... i dunno i dont listen to any lol
My problem with a lot of Christian rock and "CCM" is that half the singers sound alike. It drives me nuts--which is why I go for more unique voices, e.g. Kevin Max...

So I would think Epic Christian Rock should be a little interesting at least... as for a definition of epic rock, I couldn't find one, sorry :(
The only Christian Epic Metal that I know of is Theocracy. Only one album that I know of self titled. Sounds very much like Rhapsody (of Fire).

I too enjoy the epic metal. To explain it would be long songs that tell a tale like listening to a song version of "The Lord of the Rings". They use a lot of different instaments, similar sounding to the Metallica album that used the orchestra. Also uses a lot of synthesizers.

Your thinking of what is called "power metal" or.... i think it could be labled as Classical Metal. And O YEAH.... there is. I have to cross with my brother to see what he mentions (since he basically knows... ALL music). It is hard searching for that kinda music considering it is labled as SO many different things.