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Those of you who read Verse of the Day know that my mother went into the hospital Monday. After tests and biopsies it is conclusive that she has cancer in her left lung. Now we are in a holding pattern waiting for them to identify what kind, and if it might have started elsewhere. Despite her age she is in fairly good health overall, but this is something that we have to work through, and all but one of my brothers and sisters (5 of them) live far away. Mom is a Christian and ready to go so that is a blessing, we just don't know what kind of treatment plan will be called for, and if Mom will go for it. Pray for peace for siblings, and right choices for all concerned.
Mom went home today. Learning how to take care of oxygen needs, and got read the riot act by my sister because Mom didn't feel like talking at hospital. God is still God of the valleys.
Ok an update talked to the Oncologist this afternoon about last round of tests. The cancer in the lung is stage 4 metastizied(sp) from somewhere else. Which means Mom wants no further test or treatments because she only about 3 months to live. I have spent the whole rest of the day bearing bad news to my brothers and sisters and other family members. Mom figures she will be healed in about 3 months when she goes Home. God is the same God on the mountains or in the valleys.
It's over Mom was Promoted to Glory about 4 hrs ago. She went peacfully knowing her Savior and ready to go. All of her children were at her side, earlier in the day we had an impromptu 20 min singing time of hymns with all of the children and Dad's half brother and wife in the room. Really more like a service because it included scripture reading and prayer. Now the six of us need to pull it together to take care of business and the funeral and graveside service. Praise God what a witness her life left.
Despite the knowledge that she now sits with our Lord waiting for the rest of us to join them, there is still pain in the passing. My prayers to your family and I pray that the method of her passing touched others and helped them feel the love of Jesus Christ.
Though I'd know they were in heaven I don't think I could deal with my parents dying because I have no one else. Take comfort in your family and never take them for granted. Praying for you.
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