New guild event? Griefing...I mean Greeting.


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New guild event? Griefing...I mean Greeting.

This would be awesome, we should totally do this as a guild one night.

1) Find a quest in a newbie zone where a new player spends a few minutes of time accomplishing something.
2) Circle around them, clapping and then dancing as they finish the quest. (throwing buffs on as well)
3) Follow them around in a massive pack, with more clapping and dancing.
4) Wait for next newbie to show up and repeat.

Video is great, check it.


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That was funneh. Where would be a good place to do that for the Empire?

Also, someone in mumble mentioned that they were in a guild that was known for Anti-Griefing. Not that I've seen a lot of it in ToR, but it would be cool if we could put together anti-griefer teams.


That was pretty cool. What would be even funnier is for the high-levels to stand around an opposing low-level player and clap and cheer them on. Not sure if they'd freak out or put out a call for their high-levels to come out. Might be fun on Tat.