New sim + updates


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Hullo all! I think I'll be wrapping up the UT sim files very soon. Sadly, there were many great and epic UT songs that I wanted to step and tried, but failed because of too much stupid bpm drifitng. There might be one or two more songs I can attempt to do before finishing up this project. Once I finish up all the songs that I can do, I'm going to write novice charts to all the songs and make a nice little pack so everyone won't have to download each song seperatley (I'll include the pack in the sticky thread too). I also made some major updates to the offset of just about every song so they are now much better in sync. Still, if your feeling adventerous, feel free to download the songs in the sticky thread on this forum, but it's probablly better for you guys to wait for the actual pack so you can get the updated versions of each song. I just updated the sticky thread with a new simfile I made a few days ago called organic from UT 99, I am currently working on this song from UT 3,

Many more updates to come soon! Don't forget to check out my other sim file projects, Step 4 Christ! and PIU 4 ITG.

They can be downloaded here. These packs are 100% complete and are finished.,1
Lockdown Mix is now finished! Updated the sticky thread. If you guys also have any ut songs to suggest for me to do, please send them here.