New to the game


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Hey Guys, this is Hopp, I just started playing EQ2 last week. I played WoW for about 3 years and thought I would try this game.

I just wanted to say that I am having a blast. Everyone has been very welcoming and helpful. The guild hall is awesome and the fellowship has been great. I look forward to playing more with you guys and learning more about the game.


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Hey hoppy :) I am thinking of joining in on some EQ2 myself. :) Good to hear the guild has a good foundation.


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Isin't the guild hall off the hook?!?! I love what Proverb and co. has done with it.

Of all the games I miss on my gamecation right now, EQ2 is by far the top of the list. I am so bummed not to be seeing the new content and the battlegrounds. When Halas reborn launches I am going to really be struggling not to take a peek as a lowbie barbarian.

Enjoy the game and some of the nicest guildies ever!


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Hopp we had fun the other day, it was so nice meeting with ya and we loved showing ya around :) Logos cant wait to meet ya in game :)

Myrakle/ewoksrule your to kind the truth is, its people like you that makes the Guild what it is. The Love for your friends and it shows :) and God has blessed us with many God Loving people! Praise God!!