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I have been a long time gamer, having played tens of TCGs and tabletop miniature games in the past decade and a half. However, I've also been a Christian my whole life, and this is my dilemma:

My parents are very traditional Christians, believing that we are to keep ourselves pure and free from anything that could taint our walk with God, and very often, games have descriptions and images of things that are, well, ungodly.

For example, many games involve magic. Some involve demons, dragons and supernatural beings. Card games and books will have art depicting such things, miniature games will have miniatures that depict ugly, or at least otherwise unnatural things.

My parents believe that owning such things/having such things around would invite demons to attack, as it is a "backdoor"...almost like a foci point of sorts, since they are depictions of evil. While I try to avoid anything directly evil-looking (e.g. Chaos in Warhammer, Legion of Everblight in Warmachine/Hordes), sometimes inevitably you end up with some (usually game magazines and books), and some that are a little ambiguous in their "evilness" (e.g. werewolves, trolls, ogres and not directly demons or dragons).

In a sense, I'm personally not really affected if left to my own devices as I avoid anything that has clear ties to actual occultism (to be fair almost everything, even elves, have ties to such things in real life, so I mainly avoid more obvious stuff like demons and dragons). I read my Bible and pray daily, and even amongst gamers I have spent time speaking to them about Jesus and some have even started going to church after that.

To me, gaming is a mental exercise. I enjoy thinking about combinations, strategies etc. I don't subscribe to any beliefs or teachings in any stories or settings, I just view everything as a bunch of numbers and stats for gaming purposes, and sometimes for the aesthetic beauty of the figures in miniature games.

However, perhaps in part due to my upbringing, this has always nagged me behind my mind.

What do you guys think?
My thanks in advance.
TheMonkey says to honor your parents and that TheMonkey can not take place of your parents. Maybe you need to talk with them.

TheMonkey's position is simple:

If TheMonkey knows that God wants TheMonkey to reach out to the gorilla's and help them and feed them, and give them Banana's and show them God's love; and if TheMonkey does not want TheMonkey's walk with God to be tainted by the bad Gorilla's and the images they draw and the games they play and the company they keep, how does TheMonkey do it?

Is the Gorilla no less deserving of Gods grace and love and how does the Gorilla come to learn if TheMonkey listens to the voice in TheMonkey's head that says "stay away from the stinky dirty gorilla's!"

TheMonkey figures that we are, through Jesus, to build strong defenses against the demonic forces that drive much of this world. We are not to fear it (TheMonkey knows the final score, God 1 - Satan 0) nor are we to succumb to it. TheMonkey walks with God into the nesting grounds of the Gorilla's, TheyMonkey does not tread alone.
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This (or similar) questions come up around here on a regular basis. Let me give you some quick summaries of responses that happen a bunch.

1. If you are at home living with your parents, you need to listen to them. You will have a lot worse problems, spiritually, if you are fighting with or sneaking around behind or disrespecting you parents than you can possibly get from some art.

If you have a spouse, this is doubly true.

2. If you conscience bothers you a lot, listen to it unless specifically directed by the Holy Spirit otherwise. Consciences do not come from God per se, but it is never healthy to train yourself to ignore your conscience.

3. If you find yourself conflicting between following God and following your hobbies, choose God.

4. God is more than powerful enough to protect you. You will not suddenly lose your salvation because you own a magazine with a picture of a Space Marine in it. The Apostle Paul was convinced that not even the power of the devil could separate us from God. I'm pretty sure art could not do it.

5. Sin is sin. Art is art. If the art you have causes you to think sinful thoughts or do sinful things, get rid of it.
Welcome to the forums.

Neirei the Forgiven summarized the typical responses quite well.

Above all, the litmus test for a thing is this... does it bring glory to and exalt Christ, or something else?

If you are sharing the truth of Jesus with these people and leading them to salvation, then that in itself is a wonderful thing.

Having said that, just be careful that this activity does not have a negative impact on you. It would do no good if after having shared Christ with them, you end up being sucked into the same pit that you were trying to lead them out of.

Now I know that you did not mention anything about a pit, but as you say there are pits out there, and occultism is almost "fashionable" in todays' culture.

There is a member of our congregation that is a recovering alcoholic, and his story is greatly beneficial to many and he has helped others also get victory through Christ over such a thing, but to this day he refuses to enter any bar, pub or tavern... not because he lacks faith in Christ, but because he doesn't even want to give the enemy any possibility of a snare or foothold into his life again. This may be the angle your parents are coming from, and they are right in thinking this way.

Also it might be wise to consider that even if these things have no affect on you at all, your parents may have past experiences with such things and it might be a stumbling-block for them. Only they and God know for sure, but just something to possibly consider.

Be blessed, again welcome, and any other questions, feel free to ask.
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Thank you for the replies thus far :)

I perhaps did not clarify this, but we don't fight about it generally. I'm permitted to own them openly etc., but the periodic "ugly picture in a magazine" or "unnatural looking thing" sometimes triggers things like "whats that ugly thing" and "you should stop playing such things"...but then again they say that about everything thats even remotely "off", like computer games. I remember the first time my dad saw a Space Marine, he called it demonic because I painted its eyes red.....

Part of the bias probably comes from my father's past experience in a home cell many years ago, where a visitor was delivered from demonic possession, and he was a D&D player. Understanding the nature of roleplaying, it is entirely possible that they took the roleplaying too far and practiced some sort of actual occult ritual (because I don't think rolling D20's causes demonic possession...), but that singular incident basically made most such things taboo.
As I suspected, they have some prior experiences with something that is -- understandably -- making them more cautious than the average individual. That is not a bad thing, they are trying to protect you.

What I would personally do if I was in your situation, is I would talk to them and explain how your desire is to reach out to these other players and share Christ with them... just speak plainly about it, it is a noble commission.
Just be certain that your number one goal in all of this is Christ, and not the game itself, for if that is the case, then as stated above in previous posts, you will need to cut it off.

Explain also how you are quite confident that Christ is much more powerful than all demon forces, and as stated in Luke 10:19... you have authority through Christ over all the power of the enemy and you will be victorious in your mission to preach salvation to these people.

In-fact, make that scripture your personal confession every day, so that the snares that the enemy puts in your path will never entrap you, and I look forward to hearing of your successes in later posts! :)

Be blessed.
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