Normal RVR Nights?


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I've been reading some of the WHA boards and it seems that not a lot of Order plays ORVR. Should you we do the Tiers that we can like twice a week? Tier 1 has been empty for the last 3 days when I play (5-11pm Alaskan). Only RVR action I see is Scenarios, but I loved the ORVR from beta, not capturing control points. :( And what are other Order Alliances doing too? Do they have any weekly plans? We are the largest Order guild on the server, let's kick those Destros back to where they came from. D:
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I love ORvR as well, just the concept is neat. T1 ORvR was just simply non-existant. Its a bit better in T2, much better in T3 and everytime I walk into Prag in T4, there is something going on.
Currently, the plan is to have ORvR every Friday, starting at 7pm Central and ending whenever the last person's face hits the keyboard. However, very few of us are in T1 and T2; most of the focus is T3/T4.

If we get enough participation we can certainly set up a T2 event occasionally. Most people have an alt at that level.