OOC, but relating to RP


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This is totally OOC..but since it's on the topic of roleplay, I wasn't sure where else to place this post..

Anyway, I was wondering who in the guild actively roleplays or is even interested in roleplay?

I personally enjoy roleplaying a lot - and ironically it's kind of hard to find good RP on the RP servers anymore..yet RP was almost my entire reason for moving to any of the RP servers.

My character, Khairra, has an entire backstory stretching back into her time in Hibernia. Part of her story is that she is sojourning in Albion to learn about God..and yet it is very difficult to find someone who not only roleplays..but roleplays a Christian character, and a Christian character willing to do a little teaching. Whew.

I would love to know who is interested in roleplay and who generally tends to keep IC when the opportunity presents itself. I'm more than happy to take part in anyone else's storylines, and would like to find one or more mentor figures for Khairra.

I'm also open to any and all suggestions.. I can summarize Khairra's story for reference if necessary.

Anyway, thanks in advance.  


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I rarely roleplay all the time, but I did enjoy the stories told (some of it by me) and it being acted out in the game. I even made a Cleric who stays in Shrouded Isles for roleplay reasons that I don't even know why...I never really did work on his character much.
However, if I find time, maybe I can help roleplay some...if just to help tell a story here. Though there will be times that I will want to do other things. Just let me know what you want....


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I'd be happy for any RP interaction. I'm not picky.  

I guess what I'm looking for mainly is someone, anyone, who is willing to impart the wisdom of an older Christian to Khairra. As far as I'm concerned, that can be done roleplaying while hunting (though she's only level 20, so she won't be any help to someone of a much higher level), through guild chat as long as others don't mind, or by meeting in a more one-on-one type setting.

Just to give a little bit of an idea who and what Khairra is, and why she's so actively seeking, her story in a nutshell is this -

Khairra is, or rather was, an Underhill Servant. (Hibernian Enchanter "pet", in other words.) Though she was little more than a puppet at that point as all Underhill Servants are, she was so loved by her master, when he was killed her own life was spared in some mysterious manner no one really understands.

When she "awoke" to truly being alive and free of the tether to her now dead master, she was like a child cast out into the world. She wandered alone and confused until she was taken in by a Hibernian clan (O'Suilebhain of Nimue, to be exact).

Though in one short year she experienced a laundry list of experiences most people should never experience in their entire lives, she never lost her gentle spirit, her desire to serve, nor her childlike wonder with the world. All along she felt a deep love and it drove her to search for something, well, larger than herself.

She was taught about various gods and goddess of Hibernia, but her heart was never truly with them. And one day when she heard mentioned the "White Christ", something really clicked in her. Whoever or whatever this god was, she had to know. So much so..that she eventually sojourned to Albion.

Her frist trip to Albion, she met Malohaut of the Knights of the Trinity and heard much of what she had been waiting for. Though she was confused and didn't openly accept Christ in his presence, she took the knowledge with her back to Hibernia and it wasn't long until she made her decision.

That done, it was always on her mind to return again to Albion to be educated in the ways of the Church so that she could grow to be a stronger Christian. This is why she has returned.

She has made it known to the Knights that she's Elven, and of course that she's there seeking God, but she's never revealed the rest of her background. She's shy and self-conscious about being a Hibernian in Albion, but still determined to do what she came here to do.

And that's it.  
As I said, I love roleplay and I'm pretty flexible about it. So whatever works for you or whoever is interested is good with me.