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Zero Hotz

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there is a Christian guild in the game in the galaxy lowca its called Zion and I am friends with the leader of that guild actually 2 people made that guild and they r brothers in real life they r cool! and the way I met them was well I ahd just logged in and well one of the bros. named hime self Israel so I log in and here is this guy in front of me and his name is israel and his guild name is zion so I asked him his religion and he replied Christian I was so excited I felt so good and we spent like a hour talking in theed until I had to go hunting on dathomir which is really awsome with the rancors and stuff oh yeah and ya gotta love those 6 eyed bolmas any ways godzilla when ever u get the game go to the galaxy lowca and go to talus and the city u should go to is dearic I'll see uther if u get the game that is bye