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You know, I may not go back as far as some people on here, but I've been around for a little while. I've seen problems go months without response, action items even longer, and we've even had trolls (ok, just one troll) lurking for years without any real action taken to protect our members. I don't think anyone that has been to the XFire forums can claim they have written more books on the subject than me.

So, I just wanted to be the first to say I have complete confidence that trend is over.

SoE has said they are looking at issues and working on them, and I believe them. If you don't believe them, fine...but at least have enough respect to give them a chance before badmouthing them.

Last time I checked, our God was a big boy and can handle these things.


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"I can tell my comments are getting under your skin keeps you on your toes." ~HCS
Ah yes, I believe it was Ecclesiastes that said two are better than one, because when one falls down, the other can kick them back down to the dirt while they are trying to stagger to their feet.

"in the future if you are going to make statements about my personality you may want to research who you are talking about before making calls in public like this." ~HCS
I have checked out your blog, and how you spout any "conservative" thing...regardless of any realationship to truth or reality. So, judging by your signature, I'd say that you are a very reliable servant of evil.

It's very disheartening to come in here to read about the turn-around SoE is trying to make...only to see people throwing stones. Sure, not a lot of "real" progress has happened yet (it's been a few days), but they have said they are working on it, and they have also taken responsibility without making excuses. I'd say that's a big first step in and of itself.

I'm not sure what the point is of using the report feature in regards to an active forums administrator, but I would suggest anyone who finds the above comments worth reporting send a PM to someone at the Tek7/Elihu level. I know I plan to, seeing as how all administrators are also a reflection of them.

Let he who has not sinned cast the first stone. Everyone else should limit posts to things that are constructive.


CGA\TOJ Hosting Manager now you are calling me in essence a liar inferring i post lies on my blog. sorry i post what i have found to be the truth via research. you don't have to believe it..never said anyone has to. I have not attacked anyone personally in this thread and you throwing bible verses at me in an attempt to disparage me is hardly a christian thing to do.

I welcome the accountability from TEK. i'll even report myself. What i am seeing here is folks attempting ad hominem attacks due to them not wanting to bear the burden of the past administration of SOE.

Look folks, I'm abrasive but at no time did i attack anyone personally. I ahve also never put myself above reproach in any way. However wors on a forum are jsut that..words on a forum and i for one and the remaining members of the alliance deserve to see actions. I have acknowledged they are meeting however the entire alliance deserves actual actions and until those are proposed accountability should be maintained. It's apparent in that area it's not welcome at least in terms of my style so i'll leave this thread..however anymore personal attacks against myself like aleron and ryanb will draw further reported posts from myself.

FYI i don't take moderation actions so you all don't have to worry about that.


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I would suggest anyone who finds the above comments worth reporting send a PM to someone at the Tek7/Elihu level. I know I plan to, seeing as how all administrators are also a reflection of them.

I've put your recommendation into action, Ryan. Thanks very much for your input and support; we certainly appreciate it.


I think this thread needs to be locked and out of respect for the leadership of ToJ / SOE, they need to work through this on their own first and figure out where they want to go / be. Being in leadership is tough and IMO especially moreso when it is a group of brothers and sisters in Christ.

I will continue to pray for this situation


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Thanks Gen - all this is distracting me from coming up with a cool avatar.

I'm praying, too.

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Constructive criticism does have a place in any debate/discussion. I hope we have lots of it especially when it comes to an online gaming ministry/group. Now I am about as politically conservative as humanly possible and as such I think it is very important that we keep the discussion available and honest to all members and from what I can tell leadership is doing just that. I’m not really sure what anyone else’s political views are on here and I think it would be better if I didn’t know, but as Christian we are not defined primarily as any political ideology. We are first and foremost Christian. So lets debate, lets discuss, lets challenge and motivate each other but we need to do so in a Godly way. Let’s be honest here, this alliance has surely seen better days and maybe some worse, but right now if we want to keep any form of friendship, or at minimum a common respect for one another, we have to be charitable with each others comments and keep our own Christ-like. I know I have only been in SoE for a year now and am less experience at this type of thing than a lot of you but I am a minister and a person who loves flourishing and productive relationships. This alliance has great potential and all we have to do is embrace it. We have a large challenge especially with what I expect to be a great exodus to GW2 whenever it is released. Each member will have to decide again if they want to be apart of this alliance. No one is exempt from this. So what decisions are made and how we conduct our selves will set the standard for future members and the life span of the alliance. Anyway, SoE has been good for me and all my friends that have joined me in it and we plan on staying and look forward to the decisions that the leaders make. We are praying for you and hope you allow God to guide you in this. This alliance is still a “church” by definition(community of Christians), all be it nontraditional. We need to keep it that way and keep God in focus in all of our choices.

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I've gotten multiple reports from this thread today, as such I've placed it into a locked status until the SoE/SOE leadership and/or Tek can get in here and make a more informed decision on its status.
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