Paladin's SoR vs SoV


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It's obvious that in the previous patches Seal of Righteous was a far, far better aggro generating tool than Seal of Vengeance. However, Blizzard supposedly fixed Seal of Vengeance, so I've been trying it out the last few days to see which of the two holds aggro better on a boss or high hp mob.

Seal of Righteousness said:
221 Mana
Fills the Paladin with holy spirit for 30 sec, granting each melee attack an additional 72 Holy damage.
Judgement: Causes an avg of 235 Holy damage.

Seal of Vengeance said:
212 Mana
Fills the Paladin with holy power, granting each melee attack a chance to cause 150 Holy damage over 15 sec. This effect can stack up to 5 times.
Judgement: Causes 120 Holy damage per application of Holy Vengeance.

(tip: SoV supposedly causes additional instant damage to the target if SoV is already stacked. I have seen the damage, but it's very minimal [14-15 damage]


For the purpose of this I'm not taking into account spell damage or RF, as I'm assuming the multipliers for each Seal are the same. However, I am using Gavel of Unearthed Secrets. It has a speed of 2.70.

SoR - 72 HD every 2.7 sec; 235 HD every 8 sec.

SoV - 148 HD every 2.7 sec; 600 HD every 8 sec (assuming SoV is fully stacked). 148 = (150 (SoV) x 5 (fully stacked on target) / 15 (duration of damage)x 2.7) + 13 (additional SoV damage on attack after stack)

I've tested this in-game while soloing the first two mobs of Ramparts (identical units). I feel that there is an error in the SoR in the tooltip, because I deal closer to 129 HD on each swing. Even with spell damage taken into consideration, I believe that is too great of a difference for both the tooltip and combat log to be accurate; one of them must be incorrect.

While fighting I was watching Omen carefully. SoR was getting roughly 120 more TPS than SoV at the peak of both. I did not judge the spells; rather, I just let them run their duration and recast the respective Seal when needed. On paper, unless I'm not taking into account something significant, it appears that SoV should be generating a lot more threat than SoR. That's just not the case, though.

Any thoughts? Also, please double check your tooltips and the math. I have to run some errands now but I'll be doing some research on this later today.
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SoR's damage is based over time, the faster the weapon the less damage per swing, it is supposed to give more damage per swing with a slower weapon.

Before the patch I found I could generate more threat with SoV on bosses(not enough time to get the stacks up on trash) but with my continum blade it is too fast and the chance is too high that I will lose my stacks. The real threat comes from Judging it, 235 with SoR judged vs 600 with 5 stacks of SoV. I think with the 2.7 mace and the new improved SoV that I would use it on boss fights, but only after a few cycles of SoR. I always use SoR for a few cycles for the instant damage/aggro. I dunno what exactly they "fixed" about the stacking of SoV with more than 1 pally but it was pretty nice before, I think on VR both sandric and I were using it and it was a lot easier to keep 5 stacks up all the time, being able to judge it for 600+ every 8 seconds adds up to a lot of aggro over the fight compared to 235 every 8. Maybe they fixed how the aggro goes, because im not sure how it would determine who's threat it goes with if 2 people keep it stacked to 5 all the time with it being a DoT.


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Good question. One of the things they fixed was how it stacked, yeah. The other was that they allowed it to continue to do damage like Righteousness if it was fully stacked.

I believe they fixed the tooltip to take into account your weapon speed. That's what it said in the patch notes.


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Can't believe I missed this thread. I have the gavel too and now use SoV for bosses over SoR. Trash is still SoR because they go so quick. I still try to open with a judged SoR. Here are some SoV numbers from our Void Reaver kill:

My average judge was 731 HD and the DOT avg tick of 197. I think I was running about 300 spell damage during that fight.

Judging SoV makes the difference in threat in my opinion.


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I have noticed since they changed the spell duration it is much more reliable even with the sword, if I dont get knocked back or something like that I have only had it drop off once since the patch if I am able to conctantly hit the mob.