Panda Epicureans: Actual level 90 values for Each stat

Neirai the Forgiven

Christian Guilds List Manager
I keep seeing people saying that Epicurean is "the best racial stat" -- but they haven't really run the math, from what I can tell.
Here's some numbers with some comparisons.

Dodge: Assuming there IS dodge food at level 90, it will give Pandas an additional 450 Dodge Rating. At Level 90 before diminishing returns that equals .501% Dodge chance -- much less than a Night Elf's 2% racial. Brewmasters take note.

Parry: Once again, .501% Parry chance. I'd still go with the NE for tanks.

Hit: Assuming again that Hit food exists, 450 Hit rating would give Pandas 1.32% Hit chance. This is much better than the Draenei's +1% buff, especially considering that once you attain the Hit cap, you can stop eating Hit food and grab something else.

Expertise: Once again, we're looking at 1.32% Expertise for a Panda that eats Expertise food. This is absolutely better than Human or Dwarf Weapon specializations since A) it isn't linked to a specific weapon and B) once you attain the Expertise cap, you can spend this on something else.

Critical Strike: At level 90, assuming crit food exists, we're looking at .75% critical hit for Pandas. This is inferior to the 1% racial for Worgens.

Haste: At level 90, eating Haste food will give you 1.06% Haste. If you play Horde, that's minutely better than a Goblin, excepting that the Panda buff affects game mechanics that the Goblin doesn't. So play Panda, not Goblin.

Mastery: Eating Mastery food will give you .75 of whatever your Mastery increments at. No other race gives you such a buff.

Resillience: Eating PVP Resilience food will give a Panda 1.45% more dampening effect than it would give any other race.

Spirit: Eating Spirit food gives a Panda 300 bonus Spirit. A Human gains 3% extra spirit at all times, and with early MOP raiding levels (roughly 10,000 Spirit,) the Human will win. With late MOP raiding levels, the Human will destroy the Panda in Spirit.

When it comes to "Pure" stats, such as Strength, Agility, Intellect, or Stamina, the Panda gets an additional 300 points from food. But I would still recommend Night Elves for tanks and Humans for Healers.
right, but from a pure swing stand point. Pandas are the best. If I play a Pally, a panda is better because I can change the buff by that much just by what I eat. I think that's what they are saying, is the fact that a panda isn't forced to be 1 role as much as your NE and Human. In a ten man world, this is huge.