Paying for EVE

Cloud G

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EVE is one of those dreaded online games with monthly costs. It's not great I know, but here are some of the ways to play...and a break down.

Subscription Service though CCP
3 month $38.85
$12.95 per month
~43 cents per day for 90 days

6 month $71.70
$11.95 per month
~40 cents per day for 180 days

12 month $131.40
$10.95 per month
~36 cents per day

Game Time Codes(GTC) Through a third party retailer
30 day $14.99
~50 cents per day

90 day $38.99
~13 per month
~43 cents per day

Clearly it is cheaper to go with a subscription, however a GTC gives you more flexibility with your account. Either way you're still looking at only 50 cents or less per day....and that's a pack of crackers out of the snack machine.


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I can easily pay for eve, its just hard to invest the time into it lol.

I love eve, but it just takes up too much of my life :\

Max Armbruster

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i pay in isk =) so for those of you that paying for the monthly rate or the gtc rate is easy just buy an extra gtc and sell them to those that it is hard for isk to put you ahead of the game and save your self lots of time


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Monthly fees, bah.

If I had access to a store that sells the time codes I could do it, but -
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Max Armbruster

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just sign up for the trial and run missions with me when your on and we will make enough to buy gtcs online

i havent payed real cash money in months