Playstation 3 - PSN Nickname


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Please post your PSN nickname here so that all ToJ members can connect it up.

Mine --> Rizzrat


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Oh duh. I thought I recognized your name for a reason then. I really need to play LBP some more, but I've been dealing with brutal difficulty of some of the missions in Ultimate Ninja Storm. There's not much to the game, but it is absolutely gorgeous to see. As far as features go, you'd do much better with Ultimate Ninja 3 on PS2. Or just picking up the trilogy box for $30.


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Mmm maybe I will load up some MGO and play sometime soon again. I'd

I'd really like to get the two expansions I don't have anyway. Game is hard against people way leveled up though from what I remember. So fun though.


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Didn't know the right place to put this in but I just got saved and I've been looking for a Christian killzone 2 clan. Do you all play it? If so my
PSN ID = ASonOfGod
And thanks for your time.


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UID: "Keerosene"

I got Killzone 2, Motorstorm 2, and getting Resistance soon enough.