Potential CG Project


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Had a person sharing in our service this morning about translating the Bible into the Turkman language and I started thinking about how to give the gospel message without the bothersome barriers of language. This started me thinking about shows like "Pingu" and "Shaun the Sheep". These are children's shows (on Netflix) that don't contain comprehensible dialog (lots of grunting and other noises) but communicate really well. I was thinking about how to combine a Biblical perspective with a dialog-less show and thought it might be possible to do some Biblical things in this format. My initial thoughts are the parables. I think they would lend themselves easily to the setup. The medium would have to be Computer Generated 3D (i.e. Blender/Gimp) because I have no experience with clay sculpting. Veggie-tales does Bible stories very well, but it restricted by language.

I was wondering what others might think of this idea: good, bad or indifferent. And what other stories from the Bible might be able to be communicated without words. Here is the list I have so far:

Lost Sheep/Lost coin
Prodigal Son

Jonah (potentially)

I was thinking of probably doing a test run with the parable of the lost sheep to see how the whole thing went. . .not sure about one man production - but a proof of concept would probably be good to have before moving forward.