professions compared to classes


Do people usually tend to lean towards certain professions depending on what classes they are? This is more out of curiosity in the guild rather than a "go look up such and such on this and that page". I've been poking around to try and find a good answer for what to have my warrior delve into and I've seen some pretty contradictory advice.

What say you, oh wise members?
I would say especially for your first toon, pick a set of professions that benefit your toon as oppose to sololy a gatherer of mats for profit. As a warrior, blacksmithing/mining won't steer you wrong.
I like enchanting/ Jewelcrafting myself, which means when I get a new item I just enchant and gem it on the spot and I’ am good to go. However I get my mats for Jewelcrafting from other toons (Miner/Alchemy) otherwise you have to buy your mats; which are not cheap.

The gathering professions are used to support the production productions so they just depend on your production type profession. As for production professions, some do go with not the class type per say, but the amour type of your class to get full use of it.

Like … Blacksmithing – Plate or Mail class, Tailoring -Cloth class, Leatherworking-leather or Mail Class.

The rest of your production professions, Jewelcrafting, Enchanting, Inscription, Engineering, Alchemy, can be useful regardless of your amour type.
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The professions that you pick can be dependent on many variables. However, what you intend to do can influence your decision as to what to choose.

If you're going to be a hardcore raider, there's very little wrong with blacksmithing/jewelcrafting. Having two extra gem slots for your gear plus three exclusive dragon-eye-sourced gems is considered to be very good for end-game raiding. A caster wouldn't go too far wrong getting tailoring because of the Lightweave embroidery, etc.

If you're not interested in using professions as end-game raiding support, then you can go by personal preference more than by function. Before my DK was relegated to the world of tanking, I went Blacksmithing/Mining. As a tank, this is actually a good combination as the mining mastery gives me almost as much stamina as if I were a jewelcrafter. Blizzard has normalized the masteries a bit to make sure that there's no game breaking combination out there, but there are some advantages to profession combination in relation to the role you'll play in a raid...