PSA: ecto price dropping?


Legacy of Elijah Guild Leader
So, the price of ectos dropped by about 20% last night due to the increased drop rates. Very good change, in my opinion, because it really stinks getting nothing for loot most of the time.

Why care? Because every high-end market in the game is tied to ectos. Level 80 exotics are crafted with ecto. Rare prices are dictated by ecto, which will influence the price of the materials made to craft those. Precursors are tied to the price of rares/exos. Etc.

Should be interesting to watch, and really help alleviate the market craziness.
Has anyone been getting multiple ectos per salvage? I've broken quite a few items and only seen 0-1, whereas a week ago I was seeing 0-2 (maybe 3?)
Avenger was saying he felt he was getting more. Probably just bad luck. He also said he thought he saw the price of rares going UP, which would be very weird.
Confirmed, it was just bad luck. Broke 2 exotics tonight and got 2 and 3 ectos. If rares/exotics are bringing more ectos per salvage (on average), that could explain the price increase. Or people are just desperate for ectos for some reason?

I think I saw something about new recipes, but I hadn't paying that much attention to LA Overflow chat. That'll teach me...
Price lowers, demand goes up. Anyone who was slowly working on something requiring ectos probably felt it was a good time to buy. I don't have the numbers, of course, but I'd expect most people will wait a few days rather than sinking 50e into an accessory. Of course, some people won't.
I'll wait until I salvage 'em meself. Have 39 ectos now, if Jesus comes back before I get 50 it won't matter anyway.
...or you could just do guild missions and get them for free! We can fire off a bounty every evening starting tonight, and the rewards can also be used for said accessories. In 2 weeks, we'll be able to do a 2nd type as well.