Quality Wipes in DS on Sat May 5th LF Toons


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Hi Forgiven Folks!
We're in need of a DPS (melee would be uber) and Healer for our run this Saturday May 5th in Dragon Soul. Potentially looking to do H. Morchok, but that will be dependent upon who shows up. We start @ 7 server. Post here or shoot me a PM in the forums if you are interested! :)


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Hey Bob,
I am free this Saturday and might be able to convince Meaghan to come too. I'll let you know tonight/tomorrow.
Got confirmation from Meaghan. We are both available if you need us.
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Saturday Raid

Hi Bob,

I got the go ahead from the Fiance to come on Saturday if you still have a spot open.

Endurion enhance/resto shammy.

Let me know as soon as you can if you need me.




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Thanks Jason and Steve,

Going with the three of you will be the plan. Jason - Steve (Kobrabubbles) is out so I'll need you tanking please. If Meaghan and Steve heal (giving us 4), we can attempt H. Morchok.


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Thanks to everyone who came out last night including our subs (Meaghan, Jason, and Steve). Heroic Morchok is down and we steamrolled through the rest of DS only running out of time before the Deathwing fight. A great night!


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Hi Everyone,
I'm LF a Healer for this Saturday the 12th - 7 server. A DPS off-spec would be uber. :)

We are looking to do Heroic Morchok (and maybe Ultraxion) as well. :) Please post here if you are interested.


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Hi Folks,
Quality Wipes is LF a Tank and DPS for this Saturday the 19th. We'll be doing Heroic Morchok (hopefully) and potentially H. Ultraxion. A DPS / Healer hybrid would be uber. :)


And melee dps ... sorry Bob, just found out I am hosting a gathering and feeding a horde larger than I am use to. Apologies for the short notice!